Why Local Elections are Important

Hey, trespassers! 🚸 Today, let’s talk about something very important—local elections. You might be wondering, “Why should I care about that?” Well, we’re about to get real about truly making change happen right in our communities!

Resources from the Trespass Project

Local Decisions Make Local Impact

While the President plays a crucial role on the national stage, the true change-makers for our communities are the officials we elect right in our neighborhoods.

Local officials make decisions about what matters most to us: education, public safety, housing, and more. When we vote in local elections, we’re influencing these pivotal issues directly.

Direct Access to Change

Our locally elected officials are within reach, making it easier for us to communicate our needs and concerns. Local elections give us direct access to decision-makers who live in our communities.

The Suffering for Suffrage

Our journey towards suffrage has been marked by incredible sacrifices. Many brave individuals have fought, bled, and even lost their lives to secure our right to vote.

Today, we carry the torch of progress ignited by the sacrifices of those who came before us. By participating in local elections, we uphold our obligation to continue their fight.

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