This Teenager Was Denied His Meds in Juvie, Now He’s Dead

His name was Romeo Calhoun, and his 17-year-old life came to a heart-wrenching end within a St. Charles County juvenile detention center.

His name was Romeo Calhoun.
In a chilling revelation that exposes the realities of the juvenile justice system, a 17-year-old named Romeo Calhoun, met a tragic end within the confines of a St. Charles County juvenile detention center. Discovered lifeless during routine morning checks, the shocking circumstances surrounding his death have left both his family and the community in profound grief.

Romeo, battling multiple mental health conditions, spent ten days in detention without access to his essential medication. His mother, Peggy Davis, had been tirelessly working to bring him home to provide the care he needed. However, her efforts were thwarted by the judicial decision to keep Romeo within the confines of the detention facility.

“I was trying to get my son home so that I could provide for him what I needed to provide for him. Unfortunately, the judge decided to keep my son in a detention facility,” expressed his mother, Peggy Davis.

Details surrounding the circumstances of Romeo Calhoun’s detention remain confidential due to legal restrictions. Judge McDonough emphasized that, at this time, there is no evidence suggesting foul play. However, the cause of death is actually unknown, and it may take several days to weeks for the medical examiner to make a determination.

As we grapple with the profound loss of this young life, the Trespass Project calls on each reader to engage, share, and be a collective voice against systemic flaws such as this one. This is a developing story under ongoing investigation, and we urge you to stay connected for updates as we seek justice and transparency in Romeo’s tragic case.

Featured Image: St. Louis Post Dispatch

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