The Trespass Project Marks One Year with a Major Fiscal Sponsorship and Expansion

In a calculated move, The Trespass Project has announced a pivotal fiscal sponsorship agreement with The Steen Foundation.

In a calculated move, Trespass Project, led by CEO Cayden Brown, has announced a pivotal fiscal sponsorship agreement with The Steen Foundation. This partnership, solidified this very morning, commemorates a significant milestone exactly 365 days from the organization’s inception, making a deliberate and symbolic step forward in its evolution.

This movement, this space—it was all born through a 16-year-old boy from Detroit. That boy is me,” reflected Cayden Brown, founder and CEO of Trespass Project. “After I was entrusted with the responsibility of defending juveniles in court, an undeniable shift happened within me. It was a calling that urged me to share the force for change with other teens.”

Founded a year ago by Brown at the remarkable age of sixteen, Trespass Project has swiftly ascended to national prominence. Its bold initiatives, including allying with the nation’s most prominent youth-led political organizations to advocate on the front doorstep of the President of the United States, alongside gaining endorsements from esteemed political figures and civil rights leaders, have garnered widespread acclaim and support. The organization’s fearless approach to justice media has positioned it as a pivotal platform for nurturing informed youth leadership and driving societal change.

On March 6th, 2024, Trespass Project unveiled a bold agenda, urging President Biden to “Finish the Job,” in Washington, D.C., alongside key allies in Congress.

“The Trespass Project is my humble offering to the earth,” Brown emphasized. “Rooted in the philosophy that ‘legal literacy equals liberation,’ this empowerment is a crucial stepping stone towards true change.”

The strategic alignment with The Steen Foundation not only provides Trespass Project with enhanced operational capabilities but also signifies a new phase of growth and influence. By forging this alliance, both entities aim to amplify their respective missions: empowering youth and preparing future leaders to navigate complex legal and social landscapes.

“In many communities, especially among minority youth, there exists a chasm in understanding of legal concepts. That is by design,” Brown pointed out. “Our operation closes that gap. By increasing legal literacy, we are instilling agency to a group who has been intersectionally suppressed from birth.”

With this milestone, Brown also announced that The Trespass Project has successfully amassed a cohort of youth from across the country, spanning from California to New York, and from Washington DC to Atlanta, Florida, and its founding city of Detroit. This expansion not only amplifies the organization’s national footprint but also strengthens its capacity to address systemic injustices and empower the youth from each corner of the country all at once. The CEO also noted that with these recent additions to the team, the organization will temporarily halt new recruitments, with plans to resume accepting applications in August.

“This partnership with The Steen Foundation is an overwhelming moment for my creation,” remarked Brown, emphasizing the amount of thought he poured into the decision. “It allows us to scale our efforts and extend our reach to more young people across the nation, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to effect meaningful change.”

At its core, Trespass Project serves as a proactive advocate for legal literacy among minority youth. Through innovative educational initiatives, community outreach programs, and a unique blend of journalism and advocacy, the organization empowers young individuals to understand their rights and capacity within the legal framework. This strategic alignment with The Steen Foundation reinforces Trespass Project’s mission, enabling it to expand its programmatic activity and amplify its outreach efforts on a national scale.

“Our mission goes beyond decrypting concepts; it’s about mobilizing our young to enter those ‘inaccessible’ spaces with audacity,” Brown affirmed.

Looking forward, Trespass Project envisions a future where every young person has access to comprehensive legal education and the confidence to actively occupy the positions to shape their communities. Through collaborative initiatives and strategic partnerships like the one with The Steen Foundation, the organization is poised to lead a new generation of changemakers toward a more just and equitable society.

As these two organizations unite their efforts, they set a compelling example for the power of collective action in creating meaningful societal impact. 

Despite the robust year, however, the story for The Trespass Project is just beginning.

“With this partnership, we’re ready,” he said.

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